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Static Website Design  
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Standard or Static Website, as the name suggests, is stationary. It contains web pages with fixed content. It is a basic form of a website, which is created using HTML/CSS coding. All that needs to be done is creating HTML pages and publishing the same on a web server. Additionally, Query is used for the slider, pop-ups, form, and other such features. In such websites, a user can see the content which is written with the code.

A static website can be small or big but the functionalities remain simple and thus are easy to build. It is the best option for every business, even the smallest ones, to have an online presence without spending much. And the good thing about this website is it looks the same as other websites. The making of a static website demands coding skills, along with creativity and innovative ideas. And therefore, you need to appoint a professional, until you know to code.

There are various advantages attached to static websites. As these are basic and free of intermediaries, they are fast-loading and easy to navigate thereby help in providing an A-1 user experience. Moreover, they are highly secure being not reliable on CMS plugins & dynamic software. Use of APIs & JavaScript to take care of dynamic functions of static websites wipe-out the danger of getting hacked. Moreover, this website is fully tailor-made to match your exact business needs. In fact, a static website is best when you need around 10-20 pages to present your business profile & products/services.

However, being built from scratch and hand-coded by a professional developer without any use of automated website building tools, it lacks flexibility. For making any changes, you need to contact the webmaster as you will not be able to do it on your own. But that won’t be a problem with us as we are available at your service round-the-clock. Whenever you want to do changes to the web pages, you can inform us and we will do the same within 12 hours.

And talking about expenses, a static website is very cost-effective. The range starts from $100 and varies with actual need in terms of the number of pages & customization level. To get an exact quote, let us know your requirements. We will tell you the amount based on the total hours of consumption.

Akshitha Web Technologies serves you with a nicely-built Standard Static Website covering below mentioned features. Additionally, we extend technical assistance to you throughout our association.

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