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A school is an educational institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers. Most countries have systems .


SMS module helps in sending messages to all parents alerting them with respect to student’s attendance, fee payment, events, holidays, parent-teacher meeting etc.


An inbuilt parent-teacher communication tool for exchanging conversations through emails.

Chatting and Group conversation

Schools are provided this facility using which school management can interact with teachers by forming groups and discuss matters of importance.

Unlimited groups

School Management can create unlimited groups including class-related, extracurricular, activity-based groups and consistently interact with the teachers in the groups.


Engage teachers in constant communication with school management by creating groups and encouraging group conversations.


You can create announcements using our school communication system and target your desired audience (i.e.) all classes/selective classes.

Individual or Group Announcements

School Messenger allows you to create announcements and share them individually with students or a target group of students.

Class level announcements

Any announcements the principal wants to make to a particular class or all classes can be made efficiently.

Share Photos, Audio, Video

Teachers can upload and share photos, audios, videos related to special days and events like Annual day function, Sports day function, classroom activities to parents.

Add Attachments

There is an attachment option made available wherein teachers can upload links and documents, and parents can download the same.

Attach & Share

Our School Messenger system provides a good platform
for teachers to attach and share files, photos, links with "Like" & "Share" options.


Create events in the calendar, set reminders and invite people.

Send Custom Invitation

You can create custom invitations pertaining to specific date, time and locations about school events, celebrations, field trips and send invitations to all students, classes or a selected group. You can also set RSVP to collect the response.

Set Reminders

Set reminders in the calendar with respect to fees, PTA meetings and send the same to all students or classes or target group of audience.


Teachers can upload class wise or subject wise classwork, homework and assignments in the daily diary making the information easily accessible.


Teachers can tag educational resources and learning material from the MyClassboard content cloud.


Teachers can upload the daily homework to be worked on by the students, tag resources and make the same accessible to both students and parents.

History and Logs

You can manage, view and retrieve conversations and log report of the messages using our school messenger software.

Monitor conversations

The administrator can keep track of all the conversations made between the teachers and parents. He can also view the previous conversations that are of importance.

Detailed stats and logs

A complete log report on a number of messages sent including time, date and content can be maintained and retrieved as and when needed.